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Bruxism Splint

Many people suffers from bruxism, and often do not notice it.
Bruxism is the involuntary grinding or clenching of teeth usually during the night associated with tension and stress.

Research has shown something remarkable: people who clench or gnash their teeth during the night, are also usually, bite pencils or other hard objects, chew the inside of their cheek or eat their nails.

Indications generally refer to the symptoms caused by bruxism, such as:

-Relief from neck and shoulder pain.

-Reduction of headaches.

-Reduction of discomfort during sleep.

-Reduction of pain in the jaw joints.

-Protection of natural teeth and dental work from damage caused by grinding of teeth.

-Possible reduction of snoring.

Common Symptoms:

-Pain, tension or severe tightness in the jaws in the morning.

-Headache or pain in the ears, especially in the morning.

-Tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, pressure, sweets.

-Your partner complains that you make noise during sleep.

-When you open and close your mouth, you can hear a loud  “click”.

-You notice, tooth decay, broken teeth, teeth with cracks.


Most frequent questions and answers

Depends on which extend you grind your teeth. Less grinding means longer life span and so on.