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Removable Dentures

Removable dentures, or  just dentures is a removable prosthetic work that replaces some or all of our natural teeth and soft tissues that have been lost.


* have relatively low cost compared to fixed prosthetics (crowns/bridges)
* fast and relatively easy process
* enhances facial aesthetics by replacing teeth and soft tissues that have been lost


* in cases of resorption of the bone shrinkage of the gums creates a problem in their retention and stability, in this case special glue is required
* difficulty in speaking and chewing the first days after placement. Patients need to be patient until they become familiar
* removable dentures should be checked by the dentist frequently, as they wear and may need to be corrected or replaced
* care should be taken in the way you wash the dentures so that they do not break. Use a nylon toothbrush and soap to remove food remnants every day.

Removable dentures are divided into 7 categories


Most frequent questions and answers

The reasons are many such as:

– Financial reasons

– Patients with moderate oral hygiene

– When teeth are not enough, or their distribution does not allow fixes prosthetics

– When there is no sufficient bone for implant placement

– When the general health of the patient does not allow us to install implants

– It is the fastest recovery solution

– Indicated in patients suffering from periodontal disease, bruxism, heavey smokers etc.

Dentures need to be checked by the dentist at least once a year because they are damaged and may need to be repaired or even replaced

There are cases of resorption of the bone resulting in the retreat of the gums, which creates a problem in the retention and stability of the dentition

There are also cases of breakage when trying to clean

It is noted that there are cases when it is not possible to repair the denture it has to be replaced

In general, however, the replacement of the denture that did not have any problems from the beginning, functional and aesthetic, is rare

You will definitely need a little practice because the way of chewing differs from the natural way. Start with soft foods, cut into small pieces, chew slowly from both sides at the same time. When you get used to it, you will start eating normally.

– Daily brushing of teeth or implants (if any), at least 2 times daily, with a soft toothbrush

– Daily thorough brushing of the denture with soap after each meal

– Place the denture every night in a glass with water and a cleaning tablet (optional). It is important that the mouth “rests” for some time from the foreign body, so during the night sleep, since it does not serve anything, the dentition should be removed.

Dentures usually last for several years, but their lifespan depends on many factors related to lifestyle, maintaining good oral hygiene, whether the teeth supports (if any) are damaged, whether the denture has become loose or has lost contact, etc.